Air360 comes with pre-built charts and other data visualizations.

However, there are times when you want to create a particular chart or visualization. In those cases, you can use the Data Explorer to chart almost any data from Air360 and add it to your dashboard.

Go to Analyze in the top menu and select Data Explorer.

Once you access the Data Explorer Feature, you will be taken to a configuration view that will ask you to select what you want to measure and how to display it. For example, you might want analyze your sessions by country.


The first box is the metric you want to analyze. In this example, we’ll be choosing Unique Sessions.


The second box is the dimension. To put it simply, dimensions allow you to refine your data.

Chart Type

In the bottom you have chart type. Here you choose how your data will be displayed on screen.

Line Chart

Pie Chart

Bar Chart

Total Count

Scatter Plot


Filters and advanced options come in handy when you want to dig deeper into your data and isolate specific details for more insight.

Filters allow you to refine your data. In this example, you might want to measure unique sessions only for New visitors who are in the United States.


to add a filter

Choose an option from the dropdown menu.

You can use multiple filters at using simple logic and/or operators.

AND means it will display the data when both conditions are met.

OR means that at least one of the conditions is met.

You can use filters for exclusion also. For example, you may want see sessions from all countries except Japan. So, you set that a filter that is not equal to Japan.

Filters can also display metrics. For instance, if you want to see the average session duration of your users using Chrome, set a filter where sessions browser equals to Chrome.

What about all browsers except Chrome? Just switch to not equal to Chrome.

Easy, isn’t it? 😀