This Article will show you how to use the Google Data Studio connector to add Air360 charts, funnels, segments and user journeys to your Dashboard.

Ok, so now that you have Air360 as a data source in your Google Data Studio Account it is time to extract al data you need for your dashboards and reports.

Let's say you want to export the data from one of your saved smart funnels now that you have authorized the connections of your Google Data studio to your Air360 Account.

These are the steps:

  • Just go to your funnel, click "Export".
  • Choose the appropriate date range you want to export ( This is quite important) it could be the one already selected on your current funnel or it could be relative to when your Google Data Studio report/dashboard will be refreshed. For example, you might want your Data Studio report to be updated with the data from the last 3 months. In that case, choose the appropriate date range.
  • In the funnel export, you can also choose if you want the data to be consolidated on the date range or have daily data.
  • Once the settings match what you want to export, click on the "copy" button on the right of the auto-generated URL as shown below
  • This URL can now be pasted in the datasource as shown below.

Done! Now you have your Smart Funnel added to your Dashboard.

The next screen will show you the columns available in the export that you can then use in your reports or simply explore the data available.

The Google Data Studio Connector is still its early stage and we plan to improve it over time. For any feedback, please feel free to share with our team at