ou might have events related to social media, acquisitions, conversions or newsletter campaigns. Labels allow you to select and group events for analysis.

To create a new Label, in the Events menu, click View on the event you want to label.

In the Edit Event Criteria box, click Manage List of Labels.

Once you are inside Event Labels, you will see a default General label, as well as any labels you have created. You can create, delete or edit labels from this menu.

You can create new Label by clicking on Create New. A new row and empty text box will display. Type the name of your new Label and give the label its own color. Then click Save changes.

When creating an event with the on-page analytics (OPA), you can also label the event.

Click in the Labels box and select a Label from the drop down menu. pick one of the labels that you have previously created from the Labels drop-down menu.

With Event Labels, it’s easy to keep your Events organized and easy to analyze.