We are aware that sometimes connecting any of your existing platforms to a 3rd party tool might be the last option that you want to take. Either because of technical resources, or maybe because the project does not have the time to do this implementation.

That’s why we created the omniscient tag, to help you identify your users with Air360 by tracking URL query parameters.

The Omniscient tag allows to detection of a specific key within the parameters of the URL and uses it as a user identifier.

It helps you to :

· Identify anonymous visitors by creating an ID

· Trigger identification of the user even if the visitor never logged in nor signed up.

· Better track what users are doing, logged in or not.

· Create user segments in an easier way for CRM and generate

· better-targeted newsletter campaigns.

This solution will help you when you have some specific URL parameters like user id on your marketing automation campaigns.

For instance, site.com/settings/sample@email.com could be changed to site.com/settings/43231, where 43231 is a number that uniquely identifies the account with the address sample@email.com.

This feature enriches users’ profiles identifying them and avoids sending Personally Identifiable Information (PII). And the coolest part is that NO technical team is required.

To activate this feature inside Air360 there are a few steps you need to follow:

Step 1:  Determine the “identification custom key” that you will use for this feature.

In our case, we used “id”

Step 2:    Go to Account settings into “ App settings “tab: https://app.air360.io/app/settings

Step 3:  Scroll down the page and find the sections that says “Query parameter in the URL used to identify the user”

Step 4:  On the input field write down the custom key of the parameter you added into the url : Like in this Example , our custom key is “id” , click on “Save” , and you are done

Now Air360 wil be able to identify and match all info related to that user, even retroactive data.

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