Before we dig into details, we want to remind you that there are 2 possible ways to identify users  in Air360:

1-     Through URL Query Parameters

2-     Through our API connection.

Air360 provides an API for custom events and users and to identify logged users.

On the web, all API calls should be made within your page's </body>, after the script has been included.

Our API lets Air360 understand when a user is logged in.

The cool thing about this is that if you assign the same identity to a user on a separate device, their past sessions and event activity will be merged into the existing Air360 user with that identity. Remember that all our data is retroactive=)

You can push to Air360 anything you want as a user id, it could be an email address, telephone number, or unique client id from your CRM, your choice.

And this is just a start, once you connect to our API you can also send to Air360 any user property of choice and create powerful segments that have behavioral and user data.

To retrieve your unique Identifier API go to our technical docs gallery: Identifier API

To learn more about how to connect with our API through Google Tag Manager  go to this article:  “ How to implement Air360 identify API with Google Tag Manager”