When you want to know your current customer segment, this article will show you how to sync Air360 user segment data with Salesforce CRM. For every 4 hours, information about the Air360 user segment of customers who visit your website will be synchronized by us with your Salesforce. You can create multiple Air360 automation sync so that you can easily keep track of your customers and updated it in your Salesforce.

Air360 Segment in Salesforce

Step 1 : Create Air360 Segment custom field in Salesforce. As we want Air360 Segment should be synced as a field in Contacts data, that we need create a field.
On Salesforce site, We go to Setting -> Objects and Fields -> Object Manager.
On Object Manager window, we select Contact -> Fields & Relationships -> New.
On New Custom Field window, by step 1, we select Text, and then fill new custom field name and length. The length should be > 128 or maximun characters of your user segment in Air360. Step 3. Establish field-level security, we can select proper field-level security or we can keep it as default, then Save the custom Field.
After this sep, we will have a custom field that we store Air360 Segment data. We can create multiple custom Field to store multiple Air360 user segment data.

Create a new custom field in Contact to store Air360 user segment data.
Confirm new field on Contact Object.

Step 2 : Connect your Salesforce account with Air360 app. You can refer to this article to view more detail how to connect your salesfoce account.

Connect your salesforce account

Step 3 : Create automation to sync Air360 user segment into Salesforce.

Automation windows
  • Air360 Segment : is the user segment value we want to push into Salesforce.
  • Matching By : Matching field we want to match. For example if a user have email is customer@yourcompany.com came back (already exists in Salesforce) purchased FF XIV, Air360 Segment field will update this user as Purchased FF XIV.
  • Insert into : Custom Field we created in step 1.  
  • Push to salesforce.

Step 4 : Verify your data in salesforce.

User with Email has user segment : Purchased FF XIV
Purchased FF XIV has been updated with cong.chi@scalefast.com email.