To install Air360 Pixel with this method, you must have Google Tag Manager installed on your website.

Step 1: Navigate to your GTM container, click on Tags and click on New to create a new tag.

Step 2: Choose Tag Type of “Custom HTML”.

Step 3: Give your tag a name like “Air360 Main Tag”.

Step 4: Paste Air360 code snippet in the HTML section. You can find the code snippet here.

Step 5: In the tag’s advanced settings, configure the tag to fire only “Once per page”.

Step 6: Click on Triggering to select All Pages Trigger.

Step 7: Save the tag by clicking on Save.

Step 8: Preview and debug the changes by clicking on Preview within your container and check if the tag we have just created has been successfully fired. (optional)

Don’t forget to publish your container after saving the changes. ;)