There can be cases you would like to define your custom events. For example, when your user completed downgrading his subscription or you may want to track the products your user added to the cart or push Data Layer variables triggered by a user action into Air360.

What is required to set up Air360 track API via GTM?

- You must have Google Tag Manager installed on your website

- Data Layer variables to be pushed into Air360 should be defined in your container

If we are good to proceed, please follow the below steps to continue.

Step 1: Navigate to your GTM container, click on ‘Tags’ and click on ‘New’ to create a new tag.

Step 2: Choose Tag Type ‘Custom HTML’.

Step 3: Give your tag a name like ‘Air360 custom event API Tag’, insert the Air360 Purchase snippet, and modify the variables based on what you have defined in your GTM container.

Please refer to to get more details on how to use track API.