Crossing behavioral data with eCommerce transactional data could be key for your analysis.

In Air360 we believe in simplicity, that’s why with Google Tag Manager, you will be able to easily implement Air360 Purchase API without requiring any technical resources.

Implementing the purchase API will enable you to enrich Air360 with eCommerce data so you will be able to better understand your users, better segment them, and better analyze the performance of any element of your page with eCommerce-related metrics.

What is required to set up Air360 Purchase API via GTM?

- You must have Google Tag Manager installed on your website

- Order details of your users’ purchases are already being sent to your Data Layer (GTM)

If we are good to proceed, please follow the below steps to continue.

Step 1: Navigate to your GTM container, click on ‘Tags’ and click on ‘New’ to create a new tag.

Step 2: Choose Tag Type ‘Custom HTML.

Step 3: Give your tag a name like ‘Air360 Purchase API Tag’.

Step 4: Insert the Air360 Purchase API

Step 5: Modify the argument names included in the snippet according to the variables you have previously defined in your GTM container.


  • Please note that the two first arguments (Order ID, total order amount) are mandatory.
  • Please refer to for more details on the arguments of the Purchase API and the data you can additionally set so it can be tracked in Air360.

Step 6: Click on Triggering to select the trigger for our tag.

If you have already created a trigger of the Data Layer event which is fired when the order is placed, choose it as the trigger. If not, create first a trigger for this specific event (we recommend you to define as trigger the event which is fired to the Data Layer when the order has been completed).

Step 7: Save the tag by clicking on ‘Save’ and you are done!

Step 8: Preview and debug the changes by clicking on ‘Preview’ within your container and check if the tag we have just created has been successfully fired.

Congratulations! You have successfully set up the Air360 Purchase API Tag using your GTM container.

Next, it is time to check if we are receiving data in Air360 app.

How to check purchases in Air360

Once you have successfully set up the Purchase API via GTM, please follow the below steps to check that the purchase data is being tracked in Air360 as expected.

Step 1: Log in Air360 application and click on ‘Users’.

Step 2: Use the filter ‘Purchases match all of’ and add the condition ‘Did purchase’ to filter the users who made a purchase.

Step 3: Select one of the users from the filtered list and click on ‘Purchases’ Tab, click on the line of purchase and the details of the purchase will be showed on the right side.