Modify a user segment in a minute

Let's say you want to edit the user segment Engaged for example. First of all, select this user segment in the upper right of the users view.

Now that you selected this user segment, on the left column, you will see what are the filters set for this user segment. In the example below, we have a filter on the last seen and on the number of sessions.

All switches which are off are not activated. All switches set to on will add a new criteria to your user segment. All criteria must be met for a user to be in the user segment.

Currently, it seems our Engaged user segment is defined as a user we saw for the last time during the past 7 days and who did more than 5 sessions. The list of users will automatically reflect who among your users, match both these criteria.

Now let's say we want to customize Engaged user segment with our own definition, for example: Only users who were identified (who did a signup or login in your application) and who did at least 3 sessions. Extremely easy as shown below.

Once you are satisfied with your filters, save it.

And voila, your Engaged segment is updated 😊