Learn how to create powerful & effective user segment under 7 minutes

By default, Air360 creates a few user segments for you as you can see below. All these user segments can be customized, deleted and of course, you can create new ones (which we strongly encourage).

Let's click on Engaged for example. Immediately, you should have something like this.

As you can see, the list of criteria for user segment is on the left part of your screen. All switches which are off are not activated. All switches set to on will add a new criteria to your user segment. All criteria must be met for a user to be in the user segment.

By default, the Engaged user segment in Air360 is defined as a user you saw for the last time during the past 7 days and who did more than 5 sessions. The list of users will automatically reflect who among your users, match both these criteria.

What if you want to change it? Let's say we want to customize Engaged user segment with our own definition, for example: Only users who were identified (who did a signup or login in your application) and who did at least 3 sessions. Extremely easy as shown below.

Once you are satisfied with your filters, save it.

And voila, your Engaged segment is updated.

Ready for the next step?

Now let's create a new user segment

Let's say you wanted to create a user segment for customers that have registered within the past year, have made more than 2 purchases with at least one purchase of more than $100. Easy peasy!

First step click on Add new segment.

Then, let's set the filter for registered customers, very easy. Let's set the user identity filters to Only identified users. This will make sure we get only users who did a signup or login.

Next, let's filter on customers that were seen for the first time during the past year.

Last step is to add the filter on purchasing behavior. This can be done by activating the switch "Purchases" as shown below.

Click on Add Condition and you will get a window like this one.

As you can see, you are free to choose to make filters mutually exclusive or not by selecting All or Any.
If you choose All: All conditions must be met.
If you choose Any: At least one condition must be met.

In our current scenario, we want both, so we'll select All.

Once you click on OK you should see a summary of the filters you set in the left column as shown below.

In case you want to modify/add a new condition, simply click anywhere on the text and it will bring you back where you can modify your conditions.


You just built your first user segment. Now we want to save it in order to reuse it later on.

Now it's time to get creative and find a name for our newly created segment.

What else?

  • Want to find high-value customers who haven't ordered in a while?
  • Want to see your best & worst selling products or categories in a certain time period?
  • Want to see failed orders for a specific group of products?

There are infinite combinations of filters. Really, it depends on your needs. Air360 provides the foundation and tools to find anything. Get creative and find hidden insights without going through your data by hand.