Connecting your SFTP into Air360 enables you to automatically push your segments into your designated SFTP so you can get this data and utilize it in your favorite BI or CRM tool or to perform a cross-analysis with your existing data.

How to configure the connection to your SFTP

In order to push your segments to your SFTP server, you have to configure SFTP connection in advance.

Step 1. Go to your account settings – Automations. NOTE: To configure an SFTP connection, your account will need the proper permissions.

Step 2. Click on Connect To button, select SFTP and insert the details of your SFTP server (SFTP address, username, password and location).

Step 3. You can also test the connection with your SFTP by clicking on Test button. Step 4. Once your test connection is successful, click the Save button to save the configuration of

So now that we have the connection to your SFTP ready, it will be displayed in your Active Automations List.

How to add an automation

Now let’s add an automation. Adding an automation will enable you to automatically push the users of a particular segment to your SFTP when they enter or leave the segment. The user segments will be pushed to your SFTP every four hours.

Step 1. Click on “Add automation” button and define the criteria to push your segments info into your SFTP.

Step 2. The columns displayed here will be pushed all by default. Check on “user identity only” if you only want to push the identified users.

Step 3. You can test the automation you are about to create by clicking on “Test this automation”.

Step 4. Click on Save button and the automation will be saved and displayed as below.

You can add as many automations as you want to push into your SFTP server.