The "Finding about errors from your users" - era is over.

Active error monitoring can be a very tough task. What should I check? How often? What if an error goes silent and negatively impact my user experience and sales?

Air360 has several ways to find automatically about your errors. Once your errors are properly tracked in Air360, our Insights feature will automatically monitor 24/7 if there are abnormal patterns going on.

What is an abnormal pattern in errors detection?

Here are a few examples:

  • The rate of some types of errors you get hourly or daily just increased. While this may sound simple, an entire book could be written about this. It's indeed a much harder task than it seems.
  • Errors are always correlated with criteria that can be identified: browser type or version, language... Some errors will only occur under very specific conditions like users using the Spanish version of your site and using Safari on iOS. This again requires a lot of calculations.

This feature allowed for some of our customers to find pretty bad errors. Here are 2 (real) customer stories that will illustrate previous examples.

  • Customer #1 runs an iPhone application. Their sales were slightly decreasing over a week. Air360 found out the purchase button was not working anymore with a newer version of iOS. Fortunately, Air360 could spot this error sufficiently early to limit sales loss.
  • Customer #2 had an eCommerce store. Air360 Insights feature discovered their cart wasn't working properly with Internet Explorer 11. If Air360 would not have detected this, a lot of sales could have been lost.

How to enable error tracking on Web?

Air360 tracking code enable you to track any web related error with a single line of code. Ask your developer to check our technical doc here in order to do so. Tracking 404 errors will clearly help you built a better experience and notice about broken links when they arise or occur too frequently.

How to enable error tracking on your backend?

Web server or database problems are often silent but deadly if not handled properly. Thanks to Air360, a single line of code is all it takes to track server side problems and errors. Ask your developers to check Air360 API for server side error tracking for this to enjoy the maximum power of Air360.