The New Air360 experience is live now!

And As part of our complete solution, we created Air360 Quick Insights, the boosted version of our On-page analytics Chrome extension that allows you to understand and visualize eCommerce behavior like never before.

This article will walk you through the full chrome extension so you can understand its full potential.

But first things first, How do I install the new Chrome extension? Watch this 30 secs video to Install Air360 Quick Insights on your Chrome browser.

Ok, now Air360 Quick Insights is installed, how do I use it?

Simply go to your website, and turn on Air360 Quick Insights extension, just like how we are showing you here.

What Can I do with it?

With Air360 Quick Insights access immediate page experience insights, track performance by the element,  compare by date range, segments, or device,  define events in just one click, and explore growth opportunities to increase your conversion rate.

Go to the next article to learn how to perform on-page analysis with Air360 Quick Insights.

See you there!