Before you set up and use Air360, we want to give you a quick overview of its amazing, customizable features.

Getting to know our Features:

Air360 is built to help you improve your website performance, increase conversions, streamline processes and boost the bottom line. That’s why we created analytics tools that you can design to meet your specific needs and goals. Let’s take a look at the features you will use to make data-driven decisions that convert visitors to customers.

Let’s start with User Segments:

Air360’s User Segments are a powerful, flexible feature you can use to capture and analyze a 360-degree view of your site’s users. You can create User Segments based on a combination of behavioral and demographic data including:

  • Traffic channel
  • Purchase or transactional behavior
  • Device or platform
  • Behavioral data

These criteria can be mixed and matched so you can learn about your users and change the UX as necessary. For example, you can create a user segment that identifies visitors who:

  • Arrived at your site from a marketing email and
  • Purchased more than $50 in merchandise and
  • Used iOS on a desktop and
  • Spent at least 5 minutes on your site

You can create and view segments that are as simple or as complex as you want them to be.

You can do even more with your user segments!

When you save a segment on Air360 you can export or push it to any CRM tool so that you can execute marketing efforts based on your segments. Air360 lets you cross-analyze and combine data according to segments. For example, you can create a purchase funnel, and visualize the behavior of a specific segment, even compare it against the global traffic. Great, right?


Before you create Segments, you can create Events, which are actions that users take on your website – like a clicking on a call-to-action or completing a purchase. When you create Events, you can segment users based on those pre-defined events.

You tell Air360 what you want to analyze. For more information about Events, including how to set them up, check out  this article

Smart Funnels

Smart funnels are powerful tools that let you identify where a website visitor experiences friction or abandons their journey. You can create and use smart funnels to determine website optimization opportunities or identify and correct weaknesses.

You can further refine the funnels by Splitting by dimensions including devices, browsers, channels, segments and more.

smart funnel

User Journeys

User journeys help you understand the path your visitors take on your site so you can uncover friction points or errors on the path.

user journey

On-Page Analytics Chrome Extension (OPA)

On-page analytics (OPA) helps you understand how your users interact with your page elements like buttons or calls-to-action.

In just a few clicks, you can see where visitors are experiencing frustration on a page. You can find out how much of the page your visitors are reading. You can then use this and other OPA data to optimize your content and improve your conversion rate.


Session Replays

Session replays let you see a specific visitor’s session, including mouse movements, scrolls, clicks and more. You can see where exactly a visitor may have experienced an error so you can correct it. You can filter session replays by events, segments, platforms, pages, session information and more.

session replays

Data Explorer

The data explorer helps you extract and visualize any metric or data that you need. You can visualize your data in different formats and chart types, and split data by segments, or other dimensions.

Data explorer


Dashboards put all the data you need to see in just one place so you can track site or page performance. You can share your dashboards with other people in your organization, so they also have access to insights.

You can create as many dashboards are you need and add as many funnels, journeys or charts from data explorer that you need.


Before we leave, keep in mind that we are open data, so you can connect Air360 to other platforms like your CRM platform or eCommerce site