To be able to retreive your unique Air360 pixel and install it in your website you have first to create an account with your website.

To create your account ask your Air360 customer success team to assist you on this process.

Once you’re done creating your account, it’s time to install the pixel that has been set up for you. This will start data Auto Tracking on your website.

Don’t worry, the setup is very easy and you don’t need to be an HTML genius.

Enable Air360 tracking web pixel

The Air360 tracking pixel can be installed on any web application by simply adding a tag to your HTML. Click on this link to retreive Pixel installation instructions

Integration checklist

While Air360 tracks everything it can by default, there are events that can't be tracked for technical or for privacy reasons. This includes user emails when they login or sign up, and their purchases/orders; these need to be explicitly tracked via a very simple line of code.

To get the full picture of what is going on your website, ask your developer to check this integration checklist.

Installing the pixel usually takes around one hour.