If you create an event manually, but no data displays, it’s likely that there is an issue with how that event is defined.

When you create an event manually, we always encourage you to click on preview button before you save your event to make sure your event is configured correctly.

Let’s see what happened in this case:

I created a manual event that triggers every time a user clicks on the Purchase button.

The event seems to be working fine but when I add some conditions to the event, like browser type, no data is showing.

In this case the error is in the AND/OR field of browser type. I chose AND meaning that the event will only trigger when a user comes from Safari AND Firefox and clicks on the Purchase button. That scenario is, of course, impossible. A user can either come from Safari or Firefox, not from both at the same time.

So I changed the condition from AND to OR and the event now shows data.

So next time you create a specific event, make sure you always click on Preview to check that the event is well defined.