One of the main features of Air360 is the Auto tracking. Just by installing our single line pixel inside your website Air360 is able to track every user interaction inside your website during their session.

But how does Air360 identify user?

Through device ID. Once a user enters the website, Air360 assigns a user ID linked to their browsing devices.

The following is what a user ID looks like in Air360:

Can Air360 recognize registered vs anonymous users?

Air360 can recognize registered users once an identifier API is connected. ( learn more about it in: )

You will find different types of user ID depending on identified or non identified users:

Identified user ID: will appear with an specific ID from your website/system

Anonymous user ID: will appear with a random ID by Air360

This is an example from our Demo Account:

Is user data retroactive?

Yes. Air360 collects the device ID when a user enters the website for the first time. With the same device, Air360 can identify the user and assigns all the activities performed later on the website to the specific user.

With the same device ID, if a user registers as an identified user (member of the website) later, Air360 is able to associate the past activities under the same device. This user will then become an identified user with all his/her past activities under the same user ID.

What happens to multiple device user?

There are 2 choices here :

If Client has identifier API connected: Once the user has been logged in with different devices, Air360 can identify all the activities performed with different devices and assign all of them under the same user.

If client does not have identifier API connected: Air360 will count the activities base on devices only, thus, the devices would be counted separately as different users on the website.