If you want to track users landing on a specific page type that cannot be tracked by URL Properties, using the Metadata properties could help you define this type of Event.

So in this article we’ll teach you how you can track Pageview events using Metadata properties.

Something very important we want to clarify before we dig into the steps create this type of event is that you can only track Pageview events with Metadata properties.

Also data will not be retroactive since Metadatais not tracked by default with our autotracking pixel.

So let’s take for example that we want to track the pageview of any product page in our website.

The First step is to configurate inside Air360the tracking of this metadata property.

Watch this video to understand how you should do this.

Now that theAir360solution is tracking this property is time to create the Pageview event.

Watch this quick video to learn how to:

Insert here Video 2-Creating a pageview event with metadataproperties

And done!