If you want to track when a user clicks on a specific element of your website this article will show you how to do this inside Air360.

The best way to track a click event is with our OPA ( on page analytics chrome extension) because in just a click you will be able to create it. ( click here if you want to learn How to create events with OPA or read the rest of this article)

Let’s take a look of this example, imagine that you want to track the Add to cart button on Every page.

It is just as simple as following these steps:

  • Go into your product page where that “Add to cart” button is.
  • Turn on you OPA, by clicking on the Mochi icon on your browser
  • Once the OPA is turned on, click on Event spotlight tab
  • Now go to the page again and click on the “purchase” button
  • The html characteristics of the “Add to cart” button will be displayed for you to check them and make sure this is what you want to track
  • Now set the name and label and Save.

If you did not get any instruction it might be easier to watch this GiPH

opa event

By the way, if you want this element interaction to be track on any page, make sure you untick in the event definition section this box: “Limit clicks to the current page”, otherwise this event will be just tracking clicks on this specific product page.

So now that you created this event with the OPA , it will saved on the “Events” tab inside Air360 and you can use it for analysis whenever you want.

Want to go more advanced on you click event configuration?

Let’s no imagine that you created this Click on “Add to cart” button event but you want to limit the tracking for just mobile user.

Go to the Events tab inside Air360 and search for the event that you created.

Click on the event name that you just created to go to the event definition. In this particular example, we created “User clicks on Add to cart button”.

Go to the event properties on the bottom of the page and to add a group of rules that will define this event .

So we want all our mobile users who clicked on the “ Add to cart button” on every page . In this case we would need to add a condition on this event by clicking on this icon


That is located here:

Just by clicking on “Add group “icon a new set of rules will be displayed.

No we have to select those mobile users, so will have to use the Session property called “Operating system” to retrieve Android and IOs users. This is how you would configurate it.

So as you have seen when we added the new group of conditions as “And”, we also added a new rule on this group that defines de Operating systems. Meaning that all users clicking on “Add to cart button” AND coming from IOs operating system OR Android operating system will be tracked with this event.

Click on Save event and done=) So this is how you get more advanced with your click events.