User experience (UX) analysis is the process of collecting and evaluating data about how your users experience and interact with your website or product, then using that data to enhance the user experience.

In Air360, every user interaction is an Event. Examples of Events include:

  • Created an account
  • Logged in
  • Subscribed to your newsletter
  • Placed an order
  • Uploaded a picture
  • Viewed a product
  • Shared a product on Twitter
  • Wrote a product review
  • Performed a search
  • Contacted support
  • Clicked a search result
  • Sent a message,
  • Completed profile

The Air360 tracking pixel automatically tracks everything a user does on your site, but in order for you to analyze the collected data, you’ll need to define the Events. When you define the event, you can create charts, journey maps and funnels for analysis.

There are two ways to create an Event in Air360. Please refer to one or both of the articles below for step-by-step instructions.

  • Create Events with on-page analytics (OPA)
  • Create Events Manually

Once you create Events, you will be able to analyze the events based on segments, create data visualizations and more.