In case you have created a click event  with our On page analytics Chrome Extension and during the creation you forgot to untick the “Scope” box to limit the event just for the specific URL your are visiting:

This means that this event will be tracked all across your website.

In case you just wanted to track this click event on a specific page you could change the event definition or configuration manually.

These would be the steps:

1-     Go to the Events tab  and look for your specific event that you want to edit

2-     Select the event you want to edit and this window will be displayed:

3-     Click on the + Icon positioned on the bottom right side of the page to add a condition that triggers every time a user is on a specific page. Make sure you select the AND on properties criteria.

4-     Once you added the condition click on the drop down menu and select any URL property that makes sense to your event definition. In our case we are going to select “Full URL properties” equals …

5-     Now we pick the specific URL we want to track , click on Save and done!

IMPORTANT: HAve in mind that you can uses any URL property and condition to edit your event manually. It all depends on what you want to track.