Learn how to connect Air360 to your Dashboard inside Google Data Studio.

Air360 has published a connector for Google Data Studio that is publicly available and makes it easier to retrieve data from Air360 in your Google Data Studio dashboards and reports.

In this article we’ll show you how to add Air360 as a data source into your Google Data studio Account and extract all your charts and reports to this tool.

Once you go to your Google Data Studio Account ,the first step, as you guessed, is to add a new Data Source as shown below.

When asked to find the connector, type air360 and you should have Air360 connector displayed below with Mochi showing.

Once selected, Google Data Studio will ask for authorization to use this connector. Click on Authorize.

At the end of the authorization process your Air360 token will be required.

You can find your personal token by going to the API access menu as show below. Then select and copy your personal token.

Then paste it in the field on Google Data Studio connector and click Submit button.

So your Air360 account is connected to Google Data Studio. You can now use all Air360 export links into Google Data Studio.

To use Air360 features ( smart funnel, data explorer, user segments,etc ) into your dashboard you can export them via a URL you can copy/paste from Air360 into Google Data Studio.

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