After you’ve created your own dashboard full of charts and graphs you may want to make changes.

In this article we’ll be learning how to edit and delete dashboard elements.

Reorganizing your dashboard

To move panels around, you can simply drag them to where you want.


Deleting a panel

To delete a panel all you have to do is click on the meatballs menu

and then Remove.

Editing a panel

To edit a panel go to the meatballs menu

and then Edit. You will be taken to either the chart, smart funnel or user journey configurator where you can make the changes you need.

Once you are done with the new configuration click on “Save Changes” to add it to your dashboard.

Deleting your dashboard

dashboard 2

Click on the edit icon

next to your dashboard name. A bar will appear on the top of the screen. Click on delete and confirm with ok. You have just deleted your dashboard.