Activating AB Tasty connector in Air360 enables you to automatically push your segments into AB Tasty to target Air360 segments to your specific campaigns and variations.

How to activate AB Tasty connector

Step 1. Go to Activate > Marketing Automation and click on Activate of AB Tasty connector.

Step 2. Enter the API Key of AB Tasty.

To generate the API Key of AB Tasty, follow the steps below in AB Tasty's App:
1. Access Settings > Integrations > API Key.
2. Click Generate API Key and click on Copy to clipboard to copy the API Key.

Step 3. Click on Test connection to test the connection with AB Tasty.

Step 4. Click on Activate to save the configuration of your AB Tasty connector.

How to add an automation

Now let’s add an automation. Adding an automation will enable you to automatically push the users of a particular segment to AB Tasty when they enter or leave the segment. The user segments will be pushed to your AB Tasty account in near real time.

Step 1. Click on Add Automation button and define the criteria to push your segments info into your AB Tasty account.

Step 3. You can test the automation you are about to create by clicking on Test automation with a random user or a specific user.

Step 4. Give a name to the automation you are about to create.

Step 5. Click on Add button and the automation will be saved and displayed as below.

Data will be automatically pushed to your AB Tasty account.